TAI-PAN End-of-Day

The best strategies and analytical methods for your investment decisions, packaged into a single charting software solution

With TAI-PAN End-of-Day, even beginners can carry out securities analyses at a high level. The huge scope of functions offers professionals many possibilities for implementing their trading ideas. TAI-PAN End-of-Day is ideally suited for a mid- to long-term investment horizon.

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TAI-PAN End-of-Day at a glance

Perfect market overview

The clear evaluations in TAI-PAN End-of-Day inform you of what is currently influencing the stock exchanges at lightning speed and in great detail. You can maintain an overview of the global capital markets at all times and can track the development of hundreds of securities.

Filter out promising securities

TAI-PAN End-of-Day includes an extensive library with tried and tested filters and search criteria at the ready which you can effectively apply according to your own investment strategy with lightning-fast, thoroughly researched results. Every single filter and its objective are documented in a way that is easy to understand.

Technical analysis

Whether for moving averages, indicators, or chart types, TAI-PAN has a comprehensive range of functions and evaluations for a detailed technical analysis.

  • In order to enter and exit the market at the right point in time
  • To enter when there is an especially favorable risk-reward ratio
  • To efficiently hedge your capital against losses
  • Fundamental analysis

    Using the chart and clear evaluations, TAI-PAN shows you how factors such as EBIT, EBIT margin, revenue, profit, cash flow, cash flow margin and all other key corporate figures have developed in the last ten years.

    Integrated trading strategies of successful traders

    With TAI-PAN, you can participate in the strategies of successful traders from all over the world. Take Linda Bradford-Raschke, for example, who has been one of the most successful stock exchange traders in the USA for many years now. In her book "Street Smarts", she describes her best trading strategies from the past 35 years.

    Profit from seasonal patterns

    Commodities, indices and many other values exhibit regularly occurring seasonal patterns. Well-known examples for this include the year-end rallies on the US stock market or the low point of heating oil prices in the summer.

    TAI-PAN End-of-Day database

    The basis for your decisions:
    A comprehensive, reliable database

    • Substantial historical end-of-day data (dating back to 1987)

    • Off-exchange prices (commodities indications, index indications, ...)

    • Fundamental data (profit, dividends, carrying amount, cash flow, …)

    • Estimates (earnings and dividend estimates)

    • Analyst recommendations (recommendations from all reputable analyst firms)

    • Adjusted and non-adjusted continuous futures (DAX, Bund, S&P500, Gold, … )

    • Stock exchange and company news (Dow Jones)

    • Market and economic data (inflation, industrial production, COT, …)

    Connection to partner products thanks to powerful interfaces

    Good partners are the key to success. As a Lenz + Partner customer, you have access to our network of partners, offering you real added value! Use the Lenz + Partner data feed in connection with our partner products.


    How does the TAI-PAN End-of-Day trial work?

    With TAI-PAN End-of-Day, you have 30 days to try your software at your convenience, with no rush and with no obligation whatsoever! If the software does not meet your expectations, the trial automatically expires after the 30 days. No cancellation is necessary!

    What does the trial version contain?

    With the trial version, you can use all features of the current TAI-PAN End-of-Day version – without restrictions, including the corresponding basic data subscription. If you would like to test further data packages, please get in touch with us.

    Is assistance available for using the software?
    What support does Lenz + Partner offer?

    Lenz + Partner actively supports you online and offline in familiarizing yourself with your new software. Take a look at our TAI-PAN Academy. Our support staff is available to provide personal assistance Monday to Thursday from 8:30am to 5:00pm and Fridays from 8:30am to 4:00pm by phone, remote maintenance and of course by email.

    What happens after you place your order?

    After placing your order, you will receive an email with your software link, individual license key and all further information in the form of a download. You simply need to install the software and provide the license key in the settings.

    Do I receive a commission if I recruit a new customer for TAI-PAN?

    Has TAI-PAN won you over, and you want to recruit new customers? Great! Then join our "customers recruit customers" program. To do so, please contact our sales department.

    Can I influence the development of TAI-PAN End-of-Day?

    Our goal is to develop products that offer you valuable support in your daily trading in cooperation with our customers. We have been working closely together with our customers for many years and do our absolute best to implement your wishes. We welcome your feedback! Get in touch with our product management team directly at info@lp-software.com.

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